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History Of Blackjack

Online Blackjack at InterCasinoBlackjack first appeared in France in the 1800's and thanks to it's popularity moved into Russia and across Europe to become widespread by the mid 1900's. Thanks to immigrants to America after the French Revolution, blackjack soon became popular across the nation, becoming the game of choice in most legal, and not so legal, saloons.

Thanks to gambling laws in the early 1900's, the game was forced underground into illegal casinos where it flourished. Because of this, organized crime made huge inroads into America. When the government of Nevada realized this, they relented and legalized the game for legal casinos again. The spread of Las Vegas led to blackjack being played in every casino at every level.

Thanks to the studies that started mainly around the 1960's, the game has a devoted following of players that think that they can "read the cards" and beat the system. While a few of these systems have been found to work for a short time, none have shown profits over a long-term.

Today blackjack can be found in every casino around the world thanks to it's fast game play, and because the player has the choice in the game, it's not all up to luck.

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Blackjack Rules

Each player is dealt one card, and the dealer is dealt one card face up. if the dealer has an Ace, the players may opt to purchase insurance for 1/2 of their bet. A second card is dealt to all players, and a second card is dealt to the dealer, face down.

Players take turns to play their hands. Players may elect to either Stand (recipe no more cards), hit (receive another card), Split (if the two cards are the same face value the player can split these into two separate hands) or Double (the player receives one more card, and only on the first hand).

After all players are finished with their hands, the dealer flips their card over to reveal their hand. Most casinos state that the dealer must buy to a Soft-16 and sit on a Soft-17 or over. If the players hand, or the dealers hand totals more then 21, that player busts. Of the players hand is higher then the dealers, the player wins. if the players hand is lower then the dealers, the dealer wins. if the two hands are the same, there is a push, and the players bet is returned to them.

Blackjack Tips

  • Under most circumstances, do not purchase insurance. insurance bets are the highest odds against the player in the casino.
  • You should always split a starting hand of two Aces to maximize your chances of getting one, or two, Blackjacks.
  • Don't change your bet just because you're winning. A loosing streak could be just around the corner, wiping out your bankroll.

Blackjack Glossary

  • Double - Doubling is only allowed on the first card bought from the dealer and allows the player to double their bet and receive one only extra card
  • Hit - To receive another card and can be done until a player is willing to Sit
  • Insurance - Betting an additional amount (1/2 of your main bet) when the dealer has an Ace to insure against the dealer getting a Blackjack
  • Split - When a player splits a starting hand of two cards of the same face value into two separate hands with new cards from the dealer
  • Stand - To pass on your go when you are satisfied with the total of your hand and wait for the other players and the dealer to finish the game
  • Surrender - Surrendering allows you to throw in your hand before the dealers hand is shown and loose only 1/2 of your bet, and is only allowed in certain variations of blackjack


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