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History Of Slot Machines

Slot Machines at Roxy Palace Online CasinoSlot machines first appeared in America's west in the 1800's, with crude machines that rewarded players with tokens for food, drinks, cigars, etc. These machines featured 50 cards on five reels to vaguely simulate a card deck. From here, the machines developed further and became more sophisticated with more and more features being added. These slot machines became the most popular form of gambling available very quickly, thanks to their simplicity.

The biggest break for slot machines came in the 1980's when video slots were introduced. This meant that slot machines could not only offer bigger and better prizes, but they could also be produced more efficiently meaning better games, and bigger payouts for the players.

Today, slot machines are the biggest draw-card for any casino, and it's the slot machines that people keep coming back for for the fun and excitement.

Slot Machine Tips

  • Find a machine that suits your playing style and stick with it. Playing the slots is a lot more enjoyable when you are at a machine that you like to play instead of one that you don't like.
  • Make sure you stick to your budget. It's easy to just keep on adding more credits into the machine, but make a budget and stick to it. This also applies to winnings. Don't give all of your winnings back by playing the same machine until it's all gone again.
  • Play as many lines as you can afford to. It's always a bad feeling to see the biggest jackpot come up, and have it be on a pay line that you haven't bet on.

Slot Machines Glossary

  • Reel - A reel is the spinning area that holds all of the symbols that turn.
  • Symbol - A symbol is the individual marking or picture that is on one position on the reel
  • Pay Line - A pay line is the line of symbols that is evaluated to determine if you have a winning spin
  • Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot payout that is added to by a network of machines
  • Credit - One credit is equal to the denomination of the slot machine, for example, in a 5-cent machine $1 will give you 20 credits

Slot Machine Variations

The main differences between slot machines are the number of reels that they have and the extra features that are involved in the games.

Most slot machines have either three or five reels. There are slot machines these days that have 9 reels, and some that have even more, although these are still hard to find. The main reason for adding extra reels is that the more reels that are on the machine, the more pay lines that the machine is capable of. this means more chances to win with every spin.

Extra features on the games can vary with each machine. Some slot machines have jackpot features, and progressive jackpots where a small amount from each spin is kept aside for a big jackpot payout on a particular winning spin or game. Other features can include "wild card" symbols, substitute symbols, free games, and even side games for extra prizes. all of these extra features can make the slot machines more fun to play.


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