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History of Video Poker

Video Poker at Ruby Fortune CasinoVideo Poker is the modern-day ancestor of the early poker machines. These early machines featured 5 reels holding a total of 50 cards (there were two picture cards left out to reduce the chances of the players actually winning) and the reels spun to show the players poker hand. these machines paid out tokens for cigars, food, drink, and other goods.

In 1901, Charles Fey revolutionized the poker machine by adding a "hold" feature to the reels that let the players hold the reels that they wanted to, while spinning the other reels again. This let players use a bit of their poker skill to play the game

Video poker was brought about in the late 1970's when personal computers became affordable enough, and powerful enough to run these games. since then, video poker has become a huge market for casinos. Players can now play multiple games at once and really get into one of the most popular games at the casino.

Video Poker Rules

Video Poker is a simple game to play. The most common form of video poker is "Jacks Or Better", meaning that the player must have a hand containing a pair of Jacks, or higher, in order to win. This means that a pair of Tens does not win. There are variations to this rule, so check your machine before playing.

Players start by choosing how much they want to bet on the hand. The players are then dealt five cards The player decides which cards that they want to keep, and which cards they want to throw back and replace.

The player then receives cards to replace their rejected cards and completes their hand. if the players hand contains a winning combination of cards, then they are paid out.

Video Poker Tips

  • If you're on a machine that pays "Jacks Or Better", do not keep any pair under Jacks. You're better off trying for two new cards to make a pair rather then trying to get a third card to match a pair to give you a three-of-a-kind
  • Set your limits and stick to them. Only play with the money that you've budgeted.
  • Don't put your winnings back into the machine. Even if you win, just play with the money that you've got for that game, that wa you'll always walk away with something.

Video Poker Glossary

  • Flush - A hand with five cards all of the same suit
  • Four-Of-A-Kind - A hand that contains four cards of the same face value
  • Full House - A hand that contains a Three-Of-A-Kind and a Pair
  • Joker - A card that substitutes for other cards, like a "wild card"
  • Pair - two cards of the same face value
  • Royal Straight Flush - A straight flush from the Jack to the Ace
  • Straight - Five cards in numerical order
  • Straight Flush - Five cards of the same suit in numerical order
  • Three-Of-A-Kind - three cards of the same face value


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